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Early Readers watch me throw book cover

Mo Willems and his new book, "Watch Me Throw the Ball."

Mo Willems, a winner of the Dr. Seuss Award, has a brilliant series with Elephant & Piggie. Their newest book is Watch Me Throw the Ball. There are 8 books in this series, and each book is a level one reader with a wonderful sense of humor. Boys and girls both love Elephant & Piggie and their adventures together!


First to Second Grade Readers (5-8)

fly guy book coverTedd Arnold's Fly Guy series, the latest is Hooray for Fly Guy

Tedd Arnold won the Dr. Seuss award for the first book, Hi Fly Guy. Most parents as well as their children love these silly books about the boy Buzz and his pet fly named Fly Guy and their harmless, but gross adventures.

$5.99 in hardcover, $3.99 in paperback

fancy nancy book coverJane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy series, the latest is Fancy Nancy-Dazzling Book Report

Fancy Nancy was introduced to us as a picture book character. She is now available as a level one early reader. Fancy Nancy loves learning to speak the French language, and big fancy words. She loves to dress up in her unique style. She's outgoing, artistic and loves to try new things. Your child will want to reread these books numerous times.

$3.99 paperback, $15.99 hardcover

Second to Third Grade Readers (7-10)stink book cover

Megan McDonald's Stink series, the latest is Stink #4-Great Guinea Pig Express

Stink is Judy Moody's younger brother and he has his own series now. Stink is a typical boy with typical lack of control, and thinking ahead abilities. He makes us recall our early childhood days with fondness and laughter.

$5.99 paperback, $15.99 hardcoverivy and bean book cover

Annie Barrows's Ivy & Bean series, the latest is Ivy & Bean#5- Bound To Be Bad

This series has two friends who are opposites in their wishes and approaches to life. They become best friends and learn to enjoy each others personalities. Ivy is the traditional girl and Bean is the classic tom-boy. This series is very well written and a joy to read out loud too.

$15.99 hardcover, previous books in paperback $5.99

Fourth to Fifth Grade Readers (9-12)

thief & beanstalk book coverP.W. Catanese's The Thief and the Beanstalk (Further Tales Adventure)

Catanese has written a witty, and wonderfully comic retelling of the classic, Jack and the Beanstalk. These stories move so quickly as adults we may suffer from whiplash, but our children will love the pacing and will ask for all of the other books in this series, guaranteed.

$5.99 in paperback

Lucy rose book coverKaty Kelly's Lucy Rose-Working Myself to Pieces and Bits

This four book series is zany, upbeat and a lot of fun to read. Lucy Rose is big on friendship concerns, social school problems and with humor to boot. Kelly's next book, MellonHead will be out in March and has a boy named Adam Mellon, who is Lucy Rose's best friend. These books are illustrated by Adam Rex, one of my favorite picture book authors. Please read his picture book, PSST.

$5.99 in paperback

Sixth to Eighth Grade Readers (11-13)

Michelle Paver's Ancient Darkness series-newest- OUTCASToutcast book cover

The series is set in the Pacific Northwest on the Pacific coast about 6000-10,000 years ago. A boy, Torak, with his best friend, Renn and his beloved pack brother (a forbidden tamed wolf pup) will help his clan survive the coming crisis in their homeland. The pacing is accelerated and there's a wealth of information about the fauna, animals and landscapes during this period of time.The latest book,#5-Oath Breaker will be out in June,2009.

$6.99 in paperback

Kirsten Miller's Kiki Strike-The Empress's Tombkiki strike book cover

Kiki Strike and her five girlfriends (the irregulars) have saved the world, especially New York City with its deep underground world, along with its deepest secrets. Now this underground world is theirs to explore and maybe, just maybe control for the good of humankind. The girls attend a K-12 private school and that's why there is a believable age range in their friendships. Quickly paced, smart dialogue, and unique friendships will surprise and delight the readers of this series. The first book is KiKi Strike-Inside the Shadow City. We are anxiously waiting for news of the third book in this series.

$7.99 in paperback

High School and Up (14-18)

ransom my heart book coverMeg Cabot's newest book, Ransom My Heart

The book is set in 1291, Stephengates, England with heroine, Finnula Crais, an female version of Robin Hood who kidnaps a returning knight from the Crusades, Hugh Fitzstephen. Of course, there's romance in the air. The dialogue pops off the page, only as Meg Cabot can do so very exceptionally well! This book is a winner: your daughter will love to read, reread it and then pass it among all her friends, when they should be studying for those final exams.

$14.99 in trade paperback

absolutely true diary of a part time indian book coverSherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

It's a National Book Award winner. This book will be available in paperback in March and I think every child age 13, and older needs to read this book. Yes, there is some very honest rough language but the truthfulness of its story for teenagers runs deep and strong. My son was able to read it when he was 15 years old, and told me, "This was my life in eighth grade!" This book makes a wonderful selection for the classroom and as a book group selection.

$8.99 in paperback soondaniel X book cover

James Patterson's two new series for teenagers-Maximum Ride and Daniel X

The master of suspense and pacing has now lent his skills to create the Maximum Ride series now in its sixth book,titled Max. The newest series, Daniel X has only one book out but it is also in graphic novel format, which will hook the reluctant reader surprisingly easy. I guarantee these books will be read page to page before they tell you maximum ride book 4 coverabout it. Just purchase these books, silently lay them around the house, and do not mention a word about their purchase, and watch your teenager disappear into their bedroom with the book.

Maximum Ride #4 - Final Warning $7.99 in paperback/ newest Maximum Ride #5-Max, hardcover only $17.99; Daniel X -$7.99 paperback/ graphic novel $9.99,