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For years now, I have felt that 20 - 30 % of the reading public truly enjoys just reading traditional Non Fiction literature. Often this is not well received in the classroom K-12 and our children are told they need to be reading a novel, not an encyclopedia.

Many of our children grow up thinking they are non readers because they desire to read about science, or statistics, or history. We as their parents need to explain to our children, who love to read non fiction that they are readers, too. They just enjoy their literature from a more fact driven point of view. Enjoy the following books, I do!


For Ages 2-5 years old, maybe older for Reports

Play Bac Publishing, "Incredible Ocean" and "Seasons." incredible ocean book cover

The creators of Brain Quest have a new line of books with exceptional photographs and wonderfully interesting and unique facts about nature and its animals. Now available in April. Look at the previous books, Incredible Earth and Incredible Animals. The more I see and read from this new publisher, the more I like their books.

$12.95 from Play Bac Publishing

For Ages 4-7 years old

Body Atlas- a map of human body book coverSteve Parker's Body Atlas: a Complete Map of Human Body.

Steve Parker is a senior scientific fellow from the Zoological Society of London and a writer of over 200 science books. He writes simple and informative books. This book is great for a report on the human body. Children older ( 7-10) will enjoy looking at the detailed and intricate drawings too. It is only 96 pages long and highly informative, and a book which will be visited often.

$12.95 paperback from TickTock Media available in May 2009

For Ages 6-10 years old

Seymour Simon's The Human Bodyhuman body book cover by seymour simon

Seymour Simon has written more than 200 children's science books. His books are always informative and have detailed photographs which give you pause at their beauty and reveal awe moment. Your detail loving youngster will spend hours going over page by page. The photographs are inspiring and endlessly fascinating for the future scientists in your family. Seymour Simon is a science writer comfortable with almost any subject matter, (see his wildfire or hurricane books). They are written in a mid fourth grade reading levels.

$6.99 paperback from HarperCollins

For Ages 8-12 years oldlife in the wild by pamela turner award winner 2008

Frog scientist book coverPamela Turner's The Frog Scientist

New series about Scientists in the Field with informative details about the status of animals, plants and ecosystems all around the world. Pamela Turner's book, A Life in the Wild, has won the Golden Kite Non Fiction Award for 2009. It is still available in hardcover at $21.95 from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. She is a science writer who non fiction readers need to know about and discover with wondrous delight.

$18.00 hardcover only, from Houghton Mifflin Books available for preorder

For Ages 10-13 years old

Rain Newcomb's Smash It! Crash It! Launch It!: 50 Mind-Blowing, Eye-Popping Science Experimentssmash it book cover

This title says it all, and if your children are anything like mine are, use extreme caution when performing these experiments. But please enjoy yourself in your quest for science knowledge and fun. This book would make a great gift and is very useful for Spring Break activities.

$9.95 paperback from Lark Books

For High School and Upmath does not suck book cover

kiss my math book coverDancia McKellar's Math Doesn't Suck: how to survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind and its sequel, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss!

These two math books will help any teenager who panics over math tests, especially now during April with its WASL testing schedules. If your teenager has difficulty with negative numbers, imaginary numbers and basic percentages, bar graphs and story problems: read these two books by Mathematician and former actress, Dancia McKellar. She's bright, sassy and oh, so informative for our math challenged kids. Your child will thank you after their WASL math test. And you will thank yourself for providing these two books.

$15.00 for Math Doesn't Suck, & $24.99 for Kiss My Math from Hudson Street Press